Thursday, July 20, 2006


Easy way to hack Hotmail Email

There have been many attempts to hack Unfortunately all of them have failed, except this one... I though have found out a revolutionary way to hack hotmail... And might I add it's as easy as ABC... After 8 months of research we (thanks to other two specialist members here at GSO) have found the broken link, forgotpasswordautodat to be exact... is an auto data retrival system for hotmail mailing system. You send it a letter and within few minutes it will send you one back with the password you are looking for.

The ULTIMATE hack for hotmail is as follows:First send a letter to, second within the Subject heading place the word "Password" (not in quotes but has to have a capital P) this way the automated data recognizes what you are after. Then in the text field place the name of the person at hotmail that you want to hack (Do not put after their name). No capital letters are to be put in this place. Then skip three (3) lines and place your own hotmail account information such as: "My login:My password" (a semicolon makes it easier for the autodat to recognize). This way the autodat can verify that your account actually exists. And then supplies you with the password for the person's account that you want it for.
Here is an example: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Subject: Password

login of the person you want to hack

3 blank lines
This IS the only way to hack hotmail. Use it with care and once again I repeat, I will not be responsible for any of your activities.Hope that this will be very useful to all of you cute Script kiddies. Thank you.

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